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Blue Light

Blue light therapy has been implicated in the therapy treatment of acne vulgaris. It is one of the latest types of therapy that is widely used to treat skin problems. The Blue light emitted targets P. acnes, the bacteria which causes acne. Once the skin is exposed to a certain wavelength of Blue light, the bacteria is targeted and killed, leading to a clear out of the skin pores and consequently acne is eliminated.

Apart from it's use in the treatment of acne Vulgaris and an antibacterial agent, blue light has the ability to reset the biological clock. It is suggested that ''Blue light systems'' are far more effective than the full light spectrum sunlight systems at fighting seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Studies have also indicated that a dose of blue light, depending on when given, can increase alertness or fight insomnia.

Blue Light & Red light combination

By combining the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions, blue and red light can act synergistcally in improving various forms of acne, making it an effective and safe treatment for acne vulgaris.

Light therapy uses light energy (photons) to target and stimulate abnormal cells, working from the inside out. The light rays are emitted by an overhead device and do not harm or burn the skin or affect the surrounding tissue of the targeted area. The light penetrates the surface skin tissue to reach the abnormal cells, ''kick starting'' cellular processes that promote healing and regeneration of new cells.

By causing a rapid improvement in cellular processes such as circulation, blemishes clear, color evens out through the reduction of abnormal melanin (pigment), the skin ''plumps'' due to collagen restoration, dryness and blotchiness disappear and pores are visibly minimized.


Unlike invasive cosmetic surgical procedures, light therapy triggers the abnormal cells to heal their own, which is a process that requires mulitple, consistant treatment sessions. The number of sessions required depends on the skin condition and desired results. Fortunately, sessions are painless and have no down time or recovery time and patients can resume regular activities right after treatment.

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