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The need for light

The effects of light on the body

Major physiological processes in the brain and body are switched on and off by the presence or absence of natural or artificial light. Biochemical processes triggered by light include the production of vitamin D, the inhibition of melatonin (a hormone that affects mood), and the stimulation of serotonin and norepinephrine (brain chemicals that influence mental alertness and well-being). Light-sensitive cells in the eyes called photoreceptors convert sunlight into electrochemical impulses, which are transmitted through the optic nerve to brain centers that affect vision and activate the endocrine system. Many functions necessary for growth and well being - breathing, sleeping, blood pressure, body temperature, appetite, moods, mental acuity, and the immune system - are governed by the endocrine system and hence are affected by natural light.

There is also evidence suggesting that proper quantities of visually perceived light are needed for healthy functioning of the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that controls motivation, learning, and creativity; the limbic system, the part of the brain that stores emotional impressions of the world; and the motor cortex and the brain stem, the parts of the brain that coordinate body movement and the maintenance of life.

What's the fuss about light therapy?

Light therapy (phototherapy) is the use of light for the treatment and prevention of disease. Strictly speaking, it refers to the use of visible light, infrared or ultraviolet light lying outside the visible region of the spectrum; although laser therapy and photochemotherapy may also be classified as light therapy. One might ask what the fuss is about light therapy. For starters, light therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of a variety of diseases ranging from dermatological diseases to psychological diseases. Its versatility is impressive and it seems that a lot more is being regularly discovered about its therapeutic effects. The secret to the numerous ways in which light can be used in medicine lies in the varying wavelengths of different colours of light.

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