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Benefits of UV light

1. UV light is an effective treatment for psoriasis. It has been reported that the condition of 80% of psoriasis sufferers improves when they are exposed to UV

2. UV light is also an effective treatment for many other diseases, including asthma.

3. UV light activates the synthesis of vitamin D, a prerequisite for the absorption of calcium and other minerals from the diet.

4. UV light increases the level of sex hormones. According to findings, it has been shown that estrogen has a sharp peak of absorption in a portion of the UVB range (~290nm). This indicates that estrogen is most efficient when a woman is exposed to UV wavelengths.

5. UV light increases the efficiency of the heart. Out of 20 people exposed to UV light in study, 18 of the people tested had an increased cardiac output (average of 39%). In order words, their hearts became stronger and pumped more blood.

6. UV light lowers blood pressure. This was noted in a study carried out in which some individuals were exposed to UV light once. A dramatic lowering of elevated blood pressure was noticed, an effect which lasted from 5 to 6 days.

7. UV light reduces cholesterol. This fact was established in an experiment where patients with hypertension and related circulatory problems were exposed to UV light. 97% of these patients had almost a 13% decrease in serum cholesterol levels 2 hours after the first exposure. In addition, 86% of patients within the same group maintained the same serum cholesterol level 24 hours later.

Other types of fat implicated in heart disease are also reduced by exposure to UV radiation, an occurrence which may be due to the fact that the body requires UV light to help break down cholesterol.

8. UV light assists in weight loss. It is thought that this is caused by the fact that UV stimulates the thyroid gland, which increases metabolism and consequently the burning up of calories.

(Taken from Light Therapy Canada;

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